sbaI'm Scott Ackerman. Usable Web Solutions provides web development services. Being a business owner since 1997, I understand that a personal knowledge of my clients' needs and goals is the foundation of a successful business relationship. My goal is to achieve excellence in all areas of  business, while striving to operate in a manner that reflects integrity in everything that I do.

I am 53 years old, and have 2 sons (Cameron and Bryan), and 4 step children (Kelby, Melody, Michaela and Maren Williams. I am a potter, woodworker, and photographer. I love to go backpacking. I like road biking, primarily because I need to lose a couple of pounds (okay 30, but who's counting?).

I started out in the printing industry in 1979. In 1985 I bought my first PC, in 1987 my first Mac.

In 1994 I became the electronic pre-press manager for a color trade shop in Denver. Then in 1995 I became a partner in a color separation company in Fort Collins. In 1997 I opened my own color separation company called Synergy Graphics. As the printing industry changed, the need for companies like mine diminished and I closed Synergy Graphics in October of 2003.

I worked for a couple of local printers until the summer of 2006 when I became the IT Manager of a local charter school called Pioneer School for Expeditionary Learning. I redesigned the schools' website. Now this wasn't the first time that I had tackled a website, in fact I developed my first shopping cart in 1998, but this was the biggest project that I had ever undertaken. I had the majority of it completed during the week of spring break in 2007, and we went live the following week.

Unfortunately Pioneer closed down at the end of the 2007 school year and it looked like I would be out looking for a new job. But after seeing the results of the redesign of the schools' website several of the parents strongly encouraged me to start my own web development business and one of the parents became my first customer, and in the fall of 2007 Usable Web Solutions was born.

Today I work as the IT Coordinator for Semester at Sea, where I manage the servers for the organization and provide tech support to students and staff.